• Uckfield Festival

A feast of events planned for the Uckfield Festival

Friday 1st July

Holy Cross Church Bells

Holy Cross 6:30pm

Weald Art

Civic Centre

6pm – 9pm

Saturday 2nd July

Weald Art

Civic Centre 10am – 5pm

Sounds of Swing Big Band

Civic Centre 8pm – 10pm

Tickets are available on our website now

Chalk Horse Music

Bridge Cottage – 11:30am & 1:30pm

Sunday 3rd July

CODA – Led Zep tribute The Big Blue

Civic Centre 7-11pm

Tickets on Sale – Early Bird £17.50

Festival Film – 8pm – ‘The Armstrong Lie’ – being shown at the Picture House in Uckfield

Monday 4th July

Festival Club - Ash Dodd & Crazy Jane

Civic Centre 6 – 7.30 - Donations

Tuesday 5th July

Festival Film –‘Premium Rush’ 6pm at the Picture House in Uckfield

Tickets for this event will be announced in due course

Festival Club - Kevin Russell

Civic Centre 6 – 7.30pm

Colin Bostock-Smith – TV Comedy Writer

Ashdown Room 8 – 9:30pm

Tickets on sale - £10:00 via website and Gale and Woolgar

Wednesday 6th July

Festival Club - String Theory

Luxford Lounge - Civic Centre 6 – 7.30pm

Donations to performers.

Bollywood Night at the Rajdutt

Radjutt Restaurant – Eastbourne Road Evening

Tickets are £20 to include entertainment and buffet and can be found on our website

Thursday 7th July

Festival Club - Touchstone

Luxford Lounge - Civic Centre 6 – 7.30pm

Donations to the performers

Classical Chamber Concert

The enthralling violin playing of Miriam Teppich

She will be playing works by Beethoven, Elgar, Debussy and Bartok, as well as the fantasy suite by Julian Broughton.

Holy Cross 7.30

Tickets are on via website at £12

Dave Lyn Drag Artist

Cinque Ports Evening

Tickets to be confirmed

Friday 8th July

Festival Club – Percy’s Pearls

Luxford Lounge - Civic Centre – 6pm to 7:30pm

Donations to the performers

Northern Soul

Cinque Ports Club

7:30pm – midnight - Self organised and tickets on door

Band – Bad Influence

Newick Village Hall 8-10

GP Events - Organised direct

Saturday 9th July

Big Day

Luxford Field 10am to 4pm

Dog Show 10-11

Uckfield Mayor Jackie Love opens the event at 11am

11:35 Theme of the Festival 2022 is Cycles

12 - 1230 - Red Butler Music School

Procession 1230 start

1:30 Holy Cross Children's Choir

2:30 Cantando

3:15 Debs Dancers

Sunday 10th July

Uckfield Classic Revival Vehicle Show

Luxford Field 10am – 4pm 130 cars so far

Rockin Scotty and the dancers

We are expecting a visit from the smallest car in the world!

The event is now full of cars and we have a waiting list started.

Sponsored by Duke Letting and the Highlands Inn

More details of events planned so far can be found on:

www.uckfieldfestival.co.uk Under What's On and News

All local social media will be publicising all the events as well.

And tickets can be obtained via this website under 'Tickets' and Gale and Woolgar in the High Street.