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CODA - A tribute to Led Zeppelin in concert

Sponsored by Rowland Gorringe and Bishops Butchers - As the Big Day’s been moved to create a grand finale at the conclusion of the festival, we thought long and hard about how we could launch Uckfield Festival 2022 with a bang on Sunday 3 July. **Tickets on sale now**

We wanted to be sure to make the biggest bang we possibly could and what better way than to stage a concert that’ll rock the Weald Hall to its very foundations.

Led Zeppelin were acknowledged to be one of the loudest bands in the world. In 1969 a music critic described them as creating “an earthquake of sound.” These days, the remaining original members are a little more laid back, so enter:


Not just ANY tribute, but voted best tribute band 2021!

Coda’s shows recreate Led Zeppelin in their prime. They’ve got all the moves, the sounds, the songs and the impact of Zep, featuring replica costumes and instrument that show meticulous attention to detail.

With big hair, all the moves and the excitement of the original band, a singer with the range and power of Robert Plant, a guitarist with all the riffs and groove of Jimmy Page, a drummer with the feel and power of John Bonham and a multi-instrumental bassist like John Paul Jones, these guys both look and sound the part.

“A sincere and moving tribute by a group of excellent, nay brilliant musicians who captured the spirit of the legendary group perfectly” Chris Welch, music journalist & author of several Led Zeppelin books

This is truly going to be a concert the likes of which Uckfield has never seen. A concert that those who attend will be raving about for years to come.

WARNING: There’ll be flashing lights, dry ice, most excellent musicianship and very, very loud music.

As if that weren’t enough, we’ve enlisted the perfect local band to provide support and get you in the mood. The Big Blue (for it is they) have provided the South East with its Blues fix for over 20 years, with frontman, Stuart Bligh, responsible for tutoring many of today’s young guitar Gods.

This is a double-bill that’s unlikely to be surpassed anytime soon and you can even enjoy a discount by getting in quickly with our early-bird tickets when released.

Early bird price £17.50 - on the door £20.00

Tickets on sale now - go to our ticket page.

Paper tickets available at Gale and Woolgar - High Street Uckfield

Sponsored by: Rowland Gorringe Estate Agents - Uckfield and Bishops Butchers - Uckfield

Watch social media for announcements - this is going to be the big Uckfield gig of 2022

The Big Blue

CODA - voted best tribute band 2021! and they are coming to Uckfield