• Uckfield Festival

Vintage Paper Moon Photo Booth at Festival

This year on both the Big Day on the 9th and the Classic Revival Vehicle SHow on the 10th we have a Vintage Paper Moon Photo Booth .

Its an updated attraction where people use the camera's on their own phones to capture family and friends on the seat provided in front of a smiling moon..

These were popular at Fairgrounds across America during the 1920's and 1930's.

David is the owner of this attraction and he tells us that when he was at Seaford with a few weeks ago it was a very popular stand.

Donations are welcome for this one and he is sending money to the Uckfield Lions Club.

He is also attending the West Park Platinum Jubilee event on Friday 3rd June and the Lions Celebration on Sunday 5th June so visitors can see what a wonderful attraction it is!